WCARC Club Repeater 146.64 162.2 pl----Taylor Repeater 145.45 pl 162.2---- WCARC meets the first Thursday of every month at Jester Annex 1801 E. Old Settlers Road, Round Rock, TX ----MEETING STARTS AT 7:00 PM ----JESTER HALL OPENS AT 6:30 PM ---- COME EARLY!
Williamson County Amateur Radio Club
Serving Williamson and the Surrounding Counties in the Heart of Texas



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Central Texas Radar


CTDXCC Program and Raffle

As always the CTDXCC club will put on their program during Austin Summerfest.  The CTDXCC program will begin at 10AM on Saturday August 8th.

In addition; the CTDXCC will host a raffle for over $3,000 in prizes. Tickets will be on sale from now until August 8th. Tickets may be purchased at the Summerfest registration area, from members of CTDXCC, and also via the CTDXCC website,  CTDXCC.ORG.  Tickets are $1 each, 6 for $5, 13 for $10, and best deal of all; 28 for $20. You can win multiple prizes and you DO NOT have to be present to win.  Contact Don K6RV@arrl.net for more information

WCARC Fall Picnic, October 18th

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 18,2015

WCARC Fall Picnic

San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX

All current Club members are welcome.  Please bring side dishes or deserts.

AUSTIN SUMMERFEST 2015,  August 7th and 8th

Come join the fun at the 32nd Annual Austin Summerfest at the Crowne Plaza, 6121 IH-35, Austin, TX

Meet your friends, enjoy the swapfest, and attend the events. Click here for more information or go to austinsummerfest.org

Register for Summerfest ONLINE and pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal account.

Extra Class License Course!

There also seems to be enough interest to hold an Extra Class for possibly August or September.

The Extra class training is 24 hours, which broken into sessions is most likely going to be 4 hours 1 night per week for 6 weeks. I will start doing the prep work for a lesson plan and the MS Powerpoint based on the latest question pool and the ARRL Extra Class book.

If you are interested in the Extra Class, I strongly advise ordering the ARRL Extra Class book NOW, and start reading it. If you aren't a math major, you'll probably find that memorizing the math questions and answers is the best route to take. The assignment for the first session will be Chapters 1-4 in the book!   I will find a venue for the class between now and then!

Ken Malgren K7MAL
Williamson County ARES Emergency Coordinator
CoCoRaHS Station:  TX-WM-134
k7mal@arrl.net                        EC@wc-ares.org

CW Classes!

 The next CW Operations code course is scheduled for August 2 - October 1 8th at 2:1 5 PM Sunday afternoons.

Classes are from 2:30PM to 4:30PM.  This is a 12 week course.

Williamson County Jester Annex.

Echolink Now Available!

K5KTF has added Echolink capability to the WCARC Club Repeater. 
All Amateur Operators are encouraged to try out the new link.
For more information about Echolink go to www.echolink.org/

New Info:2015 WCARC OFFICERSNew Info:

President; Mike Childers, W9MC

Vice President:Madison Jones, W5MJ

Secretary:Leonor White, KF5YTZ

Treasurer:Kees Talen, K5BCQ


Club meetings occur the first Thursday of every Month at JESTER ANNEX

1801 E Old Settlers Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664

Click for MAP


Meetings begin at 7:00PM

Jester Hall opens at 6:30PM, so COME EARLY!


Membership dues for the Williamson County Amateur Radio Club are $10 a year for individual membership and $15 a year for a family membership.

Please support the WCARC with your yearly dues, whether it's a renewal or new membership. Please supply your name, call, address, and if you are an ARRL member and mail your check made out to "WCARC" to :

PO Box 1644
Georgetown, TX 78627


WCARC Caps, T-Shirts, and MORE!

Click HERE for link to webpage


Click Here for access to various files posted by several of the club radio "Elmers", Amateur radio operators that mentor, guide and train new and learning hams

FREE General Class Study Program!
Dick Foster has created a simple to use and easy to install study program to aide in preparing for the General Class license exam.   Please click here to go to the webpage where you can download the program.

Williamson County Repeaters

Georgetown, TX  146.64,  pl tone 162.2
Taylor, TX  145.45, pl tone 162.2


The WCARC club call is now N5TT, replacing the former vanity call of  WC5T.

N5TT was the original extra-class call of Bob Petrosky, a founding member of WCARC in 1978 and the very first President of the WCARC. Bob was an active member of the club for many many years, regularly attending club meetings and events even when he became wheelchair bound.  Bob continued to communicate and interact  with various club members by frequently using the club repeater and monitoring it's daily usage.  Bob was very proud of being an amatuer operator and even prouder that the club honored him by using his call for every field day event and as the callsign for the club repeater.  It is because of Bob and his family that the club was able to acquire the call after Bob became a silent key.  

We of the WCARC Amateur Radio Club gratefully and proudly continue to honor Bob and his legacy, keeping N5TT as the now and forever official club callsign and repeater ID.

With prior club approval; WCARC members may use the call for special events and contests. K5PI used

Field Day Pictures and VIDEO!

Avaiable now on the WCARC GROUP FORUM. Click here to link to FD 2012 pictures posted by Al, KE5OIZ

Also available;  a complete WCARC 2012 Field Day Video filmed and edited by Tom, N5TW.  Click here or copy and paste this url into your browser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-2MUbnUo00  to viewthe former club call , WC5T , very successfully. Robert achieved WPX certificates for 2007, 20082009 and 2010 .  Click on the WC5T call above to review the certificates.



Please send any of your WCARC photos to the club reflector so we can share them with the rest of the club.  Just send an email with your photos attached to WCARC@yahoogroups.com,  or go to the FILE directory on the refector and follow the easy directions to upload files and upload your photos.  

FREE Ham Classes - Link to AustinHams.Com WCARC PHOTO ALBUM
FREE Ham Classes - Link to AustinHams.Com

WCARC Monthly Meeting Information

WCARC meetings occur on the 1st Thursday of every month.
Check the Meeting Info link on the left for a map to the meeting location.
Radio Talk-in occurs on 146.640, (Minus offset PL=162.2 Hz).  Visitors are always welcome.

Amateur Radio Classes - FREE!

FREE Ham Classes - Link to AustinHams.Com FREE Ham Classes FREE Ham Classes - Link to AustinHams.Com

Interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator or interested in upgrading your current FCC license? The Austin and Williamson County Amateur Radio Clubs host many FREE Ham Classes.  Check out the FREE Amateur Radio Classes website for more information and details.

WCARC and WC-ARES Accept Donations

The WCARC and WC-ARES Clubs are always looking for ways to increase club funds.  Please consider donating any of your old radios and other Amateur radio items to the club.  Kees Talen, K5BCQ, has a great track record of converting donated equipment into club funding dollars for use by WCARC or WC-ARES.  These funds keep our membership dues down, and provide extra cash for special events and projects.

If you have anything to donate please contact Kees, K5BCQ. He can even come by and pick it up. 

USA Amateur Radio Band Plan

Here is  the newest US Amateur Radio Band Plan.  This band plan took effect on the 23rd of February, 2008 so print one out an put it net to your radio.  (Note, both this new one and the old one can be found on the ARRL web site.

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