Our club uses the vanity call N5TT.

The ITU phonics for N5TT is "November Five Tango Tango".

In Morse code N5TT is _. ..... _ _ (dah dit , di di di di dit, dah, dah)

If you would like to use the Club Call Sign for a public service event or contest please contact Tom, N5TW, our Call Sign Trustee. Remember to keep a copy of your logs so requests for N5TT QSL cards can be verified.

Our former Club call was WC5T (whiskey charlie five tango). The WC5T call was used by several club members to participate in major contests. Robert Brandon, K5PI, used the call with great results in the CQ WPX contests. Click on each of the years here to view the WC5T award certificates earned by Robert: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.