YouTubeThis is a link to the video Dean Hamilton made with honorary and founding club member Linky Brokhausen N5AKJ. This is the one Tom, N5TW, showed at the November 3rd, 2016, club meeting.



The Williamson County Amateur Radio Club (WCARC) held its "Charter Meeting" at  the Jonah (Texas) Community Center on April 26, 1979. Special guests for the meeting were Raymond Wangler, W5DZ, West Gulf Division Vice Director, and Arthur Ross, W5KR, Section Communications Manager for the South Texas Section. The Charter Meeting was the first meeting after full affiliation with the ARRL. The exact date that the club was formed is illusive but occurred in the summer of 1978.

"Linky" Brokhausen, N5AKJ, published the first club newsletter in August, 1978. She remained in this position for 7 years.

By June, 1980 the club had grown to a membership of 28 persons.

The following is the club roster as of June 6, 1980:


Bill Sorrow   WD5AAN                           Bill Wright      KB5KZ
Jon Boles     N3AEM       Jerry Pavlik   WA5MTB
Linky Brokhausen   N5AKJ   Murray Wykes    W5NXD 
Jerry Meek    N5ALS    John Long    W2PQA 
Jerry Marshall   N5BSO   Larry Wise   KA5T
Guy "Mac" McClaine   AG5C   Bobby Petrosky   N5TT
Jerry Burran   KA5DVX   Neal Lewallen   WB5TER
Noel Luper   KA5EVA   Jerry Jackson   WB5TVR
Walter Steele   K5FRK   Don Stueck   AJ5V
Bob McKay   WD5HQH   Charlie Stafford   W5VDR
Frank Gudat   KA5IAU   Brok Brokhausen   W5VMN
Hardy Patillo   WD5IVT   George Mirabella   KB5WO
Leonard Dobson   W7JYS   Jim Harkins   WB5ZRH
Kit Kittrell   K5KL   Louime Whitfield   Unlicensed



 WCARC History - Help ID the Charter Members

Mark, NA6M, has scanned most, if not all, of the old newsletters he received at the WCARC Swap Fest.  They are posted with the other Newsletters. Mark also has scanned in some pictures of the Charter WCARC meeting.  Take a look and let us know if you can help identify who they are.