There are a number of Yahoogroups for Hams in the Heart of Texas. To join them you will need a Yahoo ID which is FREE. You can use the same Yahoo ID and Password for all of your Yahoo activities.

Most of the Groups listed will require a Group Moderator to approve your membership submission to the Group. This helps to keep Spams out.  If a Spammer does gain entry once they spam the group they will be removed.

How to JOIN:

If you don't already have a Yahoo ID selecting any of the groups listed will take you to the main Yahoo site in order to create one. I would suggest using your Call Sign and a Password that is secure.

Create your Yahoo ID and you will then be directed to the Group you selected to join.

Note: Here is where you designate where you want your email to go to and come from. If you supply Yahoo with your work or home email address that is where your messages will be sent. Otherwise you will have to log in to your Yahoo account and read your emails via Yahoo's Web Based email program. Yahoo gives you 1.0 GB of FREE email storage.

The Moderator of the group may ask you to send them a short email letting them know who you are so they know you are not a Spammer. For the most part a short intro message will do, "Hi my name is ____, my call is ____" and whatever else you may want to add.

Then you will need to select how you will receive your email. If you want to get the messages as they are sent, select Individual emails. If you want one email per Group that has all of that days messages in it, select Daily digest.

Feel free to come back and join as many Groups as you want.