An amateur radio net is an "on-the-air" gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose. Nets operate more or less formally depending on their purpose and organization.

A formal, or directed net has a single net control station (NCS) that manages its operation for a given session. The NCS operator calls the net to order at its designated start time, periodically calls for participants to join, listens for them to answer (or check in ) keeps track of the roster of stations for that particular net session, and generally orchestrates the operation of the net.

A different station might be designated NCS for each net session. Overall operation and scheduling of NCS assignments and net sessions is managed by the net manager .

A list known of nets is below, if you know of others that need to be added to the list please inform us:


At 1000 on 7245 LSB the Traders Net

At 1200 - 1400 on 442.450 141.3 (SYKWARN)  the Saltgrass -- Weekly net

At 1900 on 147.360/131.8 the Travis County ARES net

At 1950 on 3922 LSB the Traders Net

At 1950 on 3922 LSB the Continental Trader's Net

At 2000 on 146.64 (166.62) and  N5TT echolink the WCARES emergency net

At 2000 on 145.730 simplex the TCARES Packet net

At 2050 on 146.660/88.5 the Highland Lake ARES net

At 2100 on 146.94 Mhz the AARC Swap Net



At 0900 on 3.740 MHz the Weekday Roundtable net

At 1850 on 3.873mHz the Tx Traffic Net (for more information visit

At 1950 on 3873kHz the State-wide ARES net

At 1900 on 146.760 the Guadalupe Co. ARES

At 2000 on 147.080/100.0 (146.64 Mhz) the TSSI/LSSN Texas/Lone Star Storm Spotters

At 2000 on 146.64/162.2 the New Ham Net K5CSW (Cindy) Liberty Hill



At 1950 on 147.080 the Lone Star Amateur Radio Association Weekly net (Except the for the meeting night when no net will be held)

At 1950 on 147.050+/114.8 the Hays/Caldwell Co. ARES net

At 2000 on 7.113 mHz CW Practice Net (informal)



At 1100 on 145.11 Mhz the Austin Westlake Hills Net

At 2100 on 149.94 & 444.600 the ADRM net

At 1900 on 3870 kHz the Trader's Net



At 0050 on 145.1100 Mhz the Alaska Morning Net

At 0700 on 224.8000 Mhz  the Informal Morning Net

At 2000 on 147.32/114.8  the OHARC Thursday Night Net (weekly social net open to ALL licensed amateur radio operators. It’s the perfect time and place to ask a question, get advice, or simply tell your fellow radio geeks about what you’ve been up to lately)

At 2200 on 147.080 the Northern Calf Swap Net



At 1950 on 3870 kHz the Trader's Net



At 0900 on 3.740 MHz (80 Meter Advanced) or 7.233 Mhz (40 Meter General) the Saturday WECO (Western Electric Company retirees) Roundtable net

At 0950 on 14.265 (General) and 7.262 Mhz the SATERN net (Texas Salvation Army)

At 0800 on 3890 kHz the Trader's Net

At 0900 on 7275 kHz the Trader's Net

At 1900 on 146.94 Mhz the AARC Elmer net