Greetings to all:

Always go to and enter only your zip code as a search term. You will see all of our exam sessions for the entire calendar year posted there with the correct information. The information for each new year is put up every December.

We test for all elements at our ARRL/VEC examinations in Austin. You do not need to inform us in advance of the testing, just be at the testing location at the time listed, 9:00 AM.

Bethany United Methodist Church

10010 Anderson Mill Road

Disciple Building Room 203/204

Austin, TX 78750

See the attached 2-page PDF for instructions on how to get there. Bring one form of identification with your picture embedded i.e.:Driver's License, Passport, School ID, etc. and one other form of ID with your name embossed or embedded in it such as any credit card and $15.00 in cash or we will take a check made out to ARRL/VEC in that amount.

If you are upgrading an existing license you will need to bring along one of the two original licenses issued to you (either the wallet-sized one or the one "suitable for framing") and a Xerox copy of the one that you bring to the test session. We will look at the original to confirm its authenticity and keep the Xerox copy of it for our files. If you do not have a paper license mailed to you by the FCC, read the PDF entitled FCC Goes Paperless, then obtain or print out an "Official Copy" of your license and bring it to the test session.

It's OK for you to bring a calculator provided that you clear all memories in it prior to bringing it to the test session if it has memories. You will need to demonstrate that all of its memories have been cleared if one of the Volunteer Examiners asks you to do so. You may not use a calculator application on your cell phone or activate your cell phone for any reason during the test session. You may do any calculations necessary by hand on the back of the answer sheet.

You may fill in the application form in advance of the test date on NCVEC Form 605. You can open the PDF, electronically type in your information and then print out the completed form and bring it to the test session. Otherwise, we will have blank forms that you can fill in on site. Bring your ballpoint pen with black ink in it for this task. The ARRL/VEC office will use your completed form to process your license and would actually prefer that you fill it in and print it out on your computer to avoid the problem of them misreading forms filled in by hand.

If you already have an FCC Registration Number (FRN) issued to you, you must use that number and not your Social Security Number on the application form. It is printed on your existing license if you already have one. If you are starting with the Technician Class licensing exam and you have no FCC licenses already you do not need to register for an FRN in advance. One will automatically be issued to you on your Technician Class license.

Read the attached PDF entitled FCC Goes Paperless regardless of whether or not you already have a paper license mailed to you at a time before the FCC went "paperless".

If you have any questions call me at (512) 345-0800 or send me an E-Mail with a phone number where you can be reached. Most questions asked usually cannot be answered with a YES or NO and it saves me time to be able to have a two-way conversation to cover any details.


Joe Makeever, W5HS
ARRL Volunteer Examiner