Technician Test Training Program

A free shareware program is provided here to assist students and instructors as a training aid for passing the Amateur Radio Technician license test. Unlike other test pool / practice test programs it is customized to be used with the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual.  This version goes with the third edition book which has the current question pool which is active until June 30, 2018.  It contains chapter and page references for each question in the pool. It also can be used to take practice tests.

Installing the Program

A zip folder containing the program and all supporting files is available here:

Download the zip folder and save it to your hard drive. Right click the zip file and then click “extract all”. This will place the program and all support files on your hard drive. You can then run the program through Windows Explorer or by creating an Icon on your desk top. In Windows Explorer open the Tech_Inst folder, and then double click Tech_Inst.exe. That will start the program. Or, you can create an Icon by right clicking any free location on your desk top. That will show a list. On that list click “new”, and then “shortcut” which will open the “Create Shortcut” Wizard. Select “Browse” and point the browser to the Tech_Inst.exe file. The Wizard next asks for a short cut name. You may keep the default or give it a name of your choosing. Click “Finish”, and you now have an Icon on your desk that you can double click to start the program.

Using the Program

When the program starts, it shows the first question and a question number list for the whole pool from which you can randomly select any question.  Clicking the question number will display the question and all four answer choices. You can also use the “Next Question” and “Previous Question” buttons to step through the questions. Notice that a text book chapter and page reference is displayed for each question. If you select “Show Answer”, the correct answer is highlighted in yellow and the answer letter is displayed in the upper right corner of the window. Or, you can pick an answer by clicking the answer letter: A, B, C or D. If the answer is correct, the answer text will be highlighted in yellow and the word “Right” will appear and be highlighted in green. If the choice is incorrect, the word “Wrong” will appear highlighted in red, the incorrect answer text will be highlighted in red, and the correct answer text highlighted in yellow. The student can then reference the chapter and page of the ARRL book which explains the question. If you pick a question that references a figure, the "Show Figure" command button is enabled. Clicking it will show the figure for that question.

Clicking on "Study Text" opens the Chapter and Page drop down lists which allow you to select any chapter and page in the ARRL License Manual book which references specific questions.  Only the questions referenced on that page will now appear on the list. You can step through them and try answers as you did in the “Show Pool” mode.

The program also has a practice test mode.  It constructs a menu of test questions selected at random from the sub-elements per the test format rules. In the test mode the questions must be answered in order. Random selection or return to previous questions is not allowed. A running tally of the number of questions answered, the number correct and the percent correct is displayed.

Best of luck passing your test and getting your Technician License.

Dick Foster


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