N5TT GT T Coverage4 8 17K5KTFWCARC sponsors two open repeaters.

The 146.640 repeater is a few miles West of Georgetown and covers most of the county.

The 145.45 repeater is in Taylor and gives great coverage to the eastern part of the county.

Both repeaters are a minus offset and use the PL tone of 162.2Hz.

Both repeaters are linked via a microwave link and also linked to Echolink. 

The EchoLink node number for the Georgetown repeater is 591270 and you can find the EchoLink channel by searching of N5TT-R

These repeaters are open to the public.   Both have battery backup.

Repeater Telemetry link thanks to Erich KG5KEY

Repeater Allstar node status link:

146.640 Georgetown Repeater Pictures

145.450 Taylor Repeater Pictures

Want to hear what your signal sounds like?  Keyup. Identify. Enter "*83" DTMF and give an audio test message lasting at least a few seconds.  Unkey and the repeater will parrot your test message back to you.

Public Service Event

If you are an organizer of a Public Service Event such as a bike race, fun run, and would like to use our repeaters, please contact the repeater trustee to coordinate the use.

For such events the two can stay linked or the link can be turned off.  

Repeater Trustees

Trustee for the 146.640 Georgetown and 145.450 Taylor repeater is:

Tom Whiteside, N5TW